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Rednecks… Funny Quote

Jeff Foxworthy coined the phrase “you might be a redneck…” and today it is recognized and used by thousands of people. I thought I had heard them all but this one from Facebook made me LOL. [stextbox id=”custom” bcolor=”11c6ee” bgcolor=”abf3f6″]You … Continue reading

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Santa and Beelzebub… Funny Quotes

  [stextbox id=”custom”]This morning my 6 year old asked, “Can Santa see you even when you’re in the bathroom?” I had to laugh, then told her no. Then she says, “That’s good, cause everyone needs their privacy.”[/stextbox]   [stextbox id=”custom” … Continue reading

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Kids Say…. Funny Facebook Quotes

Remember when your kids were little and they said some of the most awesome things that made your day? I do. Sometimes I miss those days, others I am glad my kids are old enough to know better. The funny … Continue reading

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