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Brotherly Love

[stextbox id=”custom”] My brother and I are competing on who can deliver the meanest insult to each other. It is hard to see for sure through the tears, but I think I am winning. [/stextbox]

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[stextbox id=”custom” bgcolor=”00ff00″] Have spent most the day teaching my 4 year old and 2 year old how to give each other apologuises.. Oye! APOLOGUISE (v) To instruct your kid to say they’re “sorry”, despite how meaningless and hollow that … Continue reading

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Laundry Math

[stextbox id=”custom” bgcolor=”00ff00″] Laundry Mystery: # of underwear in laundry is < number of people in family x number of days since last laundry day.. hmmmmmm? [/stextbox]

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