Inspirational Quotes

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Hey… Anyone on FB have some inspirational quotes/posters? Not quite sure what to do with my life…..


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  1. jenna says:

    copy them from other pages everyone does it just get the realy good ones lol

  2. jenna says:

    thats a life comment in itself

  3. jenna says:

    my son asked me “when ppl lived in did they make toys for the kids.” i said. “they didnt have toys they had dagers and rocks…they didnt have time for toys it was life or death..yaa c its like this~ when i tell u to be quiet or to stop goofing off..if u didnt listen to ur parents then a dinosaur would eat u!!–point of my story. be grateful for the toys u have and being able to do the stuff u do..ohhh and man made toys eventually and houses ext….” seriously how does one little question about the world turn into such a huge convo. kids questons are funny ..parents bizare answers are halarious!!

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