Friday Funny Facebook Quotes

Someone bring me a doughnut. Thanks.

Still had 45 minutes before I “had to” get up but I had two pillowjackers! >.<

PILLOWJACKER: (n) A child who manages to weasel their way into parents bed

I have decided that until someone tells me what “That’s what she said” means I’m going to start writing it as every comment I make on ALL OF YOUR statuses. Could get annoying.

Gah! Attack of the killer Facebook viruses! 🙁 Why are some people bored enough to create such evil monsters?

This just in: Chuck Norris just returned from his vacation in Pakistan. 😉

Man I feel like queen of the house while standing on my dining room table cleaning the light fixture above. No wonders my 2 yr. old likes climbing up here you can see so much

Only $4 from book buyback on one book? Rip offs. 🙁 Well, I guess it’s to I go!

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