Santa and Beelzebub… Funny Quotes


This morning my 6 year old asked, “Can Santa see you even when you’re in the bathroom?” I had to laugh, then told her no. Then she says, “That’s good, cause everyone needs their privacy.”


I miss country music from the 9Os. I don’t care who you are or what you say, this new crap belongs in the alternative category


“some people like blonde’s. some people like brunette’s. i like women who do the dishes”


If you really loved me you’d bring me PEPSI!


sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me

Comment: ahem, my little princess does not speak those words! lol

Response: lol im your little princess?

Comment: when have you not been?

Response:hmm… idk ha i guess never 😀 i like being someone’s princess tho.


People have no boundaries behind a computer, do they? #PeaceOut


I just discovered the true nature of hell – filling up a bean bag chair material with little packing peanut “beans” which stick to everything and are impossible to pick up by hand and clog the vacuum. Beelzebub would be so proud of whoever designed this chair.

Comment: we filled ours with stuffed animals. Keeps them out of sight when not being played with and no packing beans!

Comment: You’re supposed to use real beans, better for the environment and it doubles as food storage. 🙂


So I bowled a 56 last night, and only threw one of the balls backwards at my friends haha. The moral there is rum, tequila, crown, and bowling don’t mix!


I am watching the world’s most dysfunctional couple dissolve their union over an argument about the debate between the american and national leagues. Personally I would like a good designated hitter to beat them both with a bat, whether or not the guy believes they are real baseball players.


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