Kids Say…. Funny Facebook Quotes

Remember when your kids were little and they said some of the most awesome things that made your day? I do. Sometimes I miss those days, others I am glad my kids are old enough to know better. The funny things our kids say make for great storytelling on Facebook though. Do you have a funny child story shared on Facebook? Share it with the rest of your friends here.

Hope I can make it through the rest of the semester because I’ve got serious SPRING FEVER!!!


Omg… I am eating fried jalapenos and I like it… I must be a pregers!!


My husband mentioned that I am wearing a nice boob shirt. My 3 year old daughter follows with “Look at those boobs!”


I learned the hard way today that when a girl is biting her lip in a really seductive manner it can usually mean she is flirting with you, but it can also just mean she is just a girl with an overbite that has no interest in you at all.


I hate reading any of my old status updates. Makes me bang my head on the wall because I see how I could have worded it more better.


Dear Kids, The hoarder closet is clean. All of your childhood memories are safely tucked away and labeled. Love, Mom


Idea. How about a game replacing my Wii Fit, called Wii Fat. Where you sit on the couch starring at a blank screen and eat ice cream. It’ll be big a hit! Or not.

Comment: It’s called television.


My daughter just irrigated the Sahara! Oh no, wait, sorry. She just unloaded the dishwasher…. It’s hard to tell with all her whining and Woe is Me-ing. .


A woman’s mind is cleaner than a man’s – That’s because she changes it more often.



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  1. Gabby says:

    Life is like a roller coaster. You either end up smiling, or crying.
    Comment: Or throwing up..?

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