Dear Weekdays…Funny Quotes to Get You to the End of the Week

Why? Why? Why? Is the weekend really that big of a deal? To some, maybe. I live for Wednesday when I can read the midweek quotes that everyone posts on Facebook. Also Spring is in the air and that makes weekends even better. Come on Spring! I am ready for your warm weather and sunshine to brighten every day.

Dear Weekdays:
Due to bugetary concerns, I am saddened to inform you that your positions have been eliminated, effective immediately. It is our intent to become a weekend only establishment. Please clear out your belongings and vacate the week as soon as is practicable.
The Management.


Fun Fact: While in the 11th grade Coach Egan yelled at me in the hall: “You better get your ass to class or you won’t pass!” That was some great advice.


I know our country is in crisis but what the hell is up with Hilary’s hair?


The tenth ring of hell is for those who pee on toilet seats.


There is something wrong with The Smurfs….. There is a crap load of male smurfs, but only one female… Smurfette can’t be that loose… Just sayin’


I bet Al Bore is telling a hilarious global warming joke right now….Zzzzzz…



I have a presentation for my policy class tomorrow and I am so nervous. I hate public speaking. I hope I don’t just start yelling random four letter words.
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