Funny Thursday Quotes… Life

How about a few funny quotes to get us through to the end of the week? There is only one more day of this cold blustery week left. The good news is that Spring is just around the corner…or so I have heard. Remember, even though it seems as if the wind, cold, snow and rain will never end, it always does 🙂

Never underestimate what they can turn into a crappy tasting hot pocket.


I cut my locks today… the bidding starts at $45,000


Today has been a pill! have a fever and found a grey hair in my eyebrow…my body hates me!!


2 men just walked by me dressed in Catholic school girl outfits… I don’t think we are in Utah anymore Toto.

Comment: Are you at work??

Response: Yes i am. Had i not been, i would have belted out Hit Me Baby One More Time!

Comment:That didn’t used to stop you.




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