Funny Facebook Quotes…Weird Days


If anyone finds a money tree please dig it up and bring it to me…….


Entrepreneurial advice: Just get shit done. Stop thinking and discussing. Your ability to get it done is what allows you to nip at the heels of players who can’t.


There is no reason to run unless your being chased


Thought for the day: Croutons are not really as sexy as you think.


Apathy and Procrastination.What a powerful combination.

Comment: I suffer from both of those especially when it comes to exercise and eating right.


What’s the proper waiting time after a Friend Request is ignored to change it to a Mortal Enemy Forever Request?


I’ve been playing in the App store for my Nokia e71. I got lots of really cool free apps loaded now. I am set to take over the world!


its going to be an interesting day when you answer your phone and jump out of bed like a ninja screaming “hell ya! I’ll be there as soon as i find my pants!”


I pray your brakes go out running down a hill I pray a flower pot falls from a window seal and knocks you in the head like I’d like to!!!


I think we should all panic a bit more about this moon thing. Doesn’t anyone remember this happening like 18 years ago and we all died?

Comment: I do recall dying yes. That was a weird day!


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