Funny Quote… Charlie Sheen

It’s bad when you gotta put a candle on a cupcake and sing happy birthday to Justin Bieber for your kids.


Had to sneak up on the mirror this morning so my sexiness didn’t shock me. Catches me off guard sometimes.


Does anyone know if Charlie Sheens rants have been picked up for another season? I just turned on the TV for 90 seconds and I couldn’t find him on anywhere.


Stephanie is in an open relationship with Whirl Pool.

  • Comment: Hmmm is this a good thing?
  • Response: Ahhh you know my husband, he’s cool. Look at who it’s with. I spend WAY more time with them anyway!
  • Comment: Facebook, The worl of assumption and myth…
  • Comment: They must have a good spin cycle, hehehehe!


Read on my shampoo bottle: “Use repeatedly for severe damage”

Also it warns: “Do not eat”

Seriously Folks.

So after this amusement I was madly scouring the bathroom for others.. The directions on my husbands soap box: “Use like regular soap”

How I would love to work for one of these companies, you know, in the writing department. Obviously.


“A smoking section in a restaurant is like a peeing section in a swimming pool!!!”


Due to self-imposed travel-related stress, my sense of humor will be replaced with anal retentiveness for the rest of the week. Enter at your own risk.


Sometimes no matter how many times you say things in English……. some people still (who speak English as well) are just not going to understand the message…

How is that possible when it is the same lanuage? Anyone else have this experience?

  • Comment: What? I don’t understand!


I feel like crap. I’ve been trying to eat healthy this whole year but this apple tastes like fruit. yuck. I haven’t worked out all week but I’ve been thinking about hitting the gym tonight… you know, with my car. =\




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