Friday Funny Quotes…People


A grown man in a Winnie the Poo hoodie?…Well, how can you not like a guy who wears that? Lol

  • Comment: Sadly…second time this week I have seen him in the exact same outfit!


It’s a good thing those are chocolate pop tarts so the boys can’t tell they got burned!


I have a love hate relationship with girl scout thin mint cookies.. I love to eat them I hate the twenty pounds I gain after…. Dang it.

  • Comment: I have a love hate relationship with beer and hotdogs! hehehehehe


Some people were dropped as children… But YOU my friend were clearly thrown at a wall!


Let’s face it. Some people can only be described as: “Should have been a blow job”


there’s a few people that I wouldn’t mind having installed on my streets as speed bumps


If brains were gas, then I know some people that wouldn’t have enough to get a piss ants go cart half way around a cheerio!! ya feel me : )





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