Funny Facebook Quotes… Celebrities


Lady Gaga shows up at the VMAs covered in meat. Then arrives at the Grammys in an egg. she’s only about two red carpets away from being a Denny’s Grand Slam.


Spam in my inbox today… “Be always at height! Present to the girlfriend unforgettable night! Make happy the girlfriend!” 🙂


Alyssa Milano just saved me from death in my dream. Then she stole a police car for us to joy ride in…Weird, but oddly fun. And I now feel like Alyssa’s bff.


So proud that my girl can recognize the Bee Gees when she hears them. They’re my guilty pleasure. She still mixes up Diana Ross and Prince with Michael Jackson but she’s learning.


I’m sure Charlie Sheen is proud that he got so many Twitter followers so fast. Kinda like the victim of a motor cycle crash being proud that so many people slowed down to look at his brains spread all over the road.




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