Friday Funny Status Updates … Smile!

In the Dr’s office for annual checkup. These tests are suppose to see if you’re healthy not kill you, right?

  • Comment: Once you hit forty, it’s 50/50 đŸ˜‰


Who thinks my husband is going to come home and fall down in AWE of the cleanliness and organization of the kitchen pantry? #DomesticGoddess

If I could sing constantly, life would be great.

I’m sort of like Dorothy. I always end up with men who are cowards, have no heart, or are in need of a brain.

  • Comment: Keep looking —Some day you may find THE WIZARD!!! The MAGIC MAN!!! The GATEKEEPER!!! We all have that Dog in a basket we have to lug around sometimes….

Ugh I hate bein sick! Moms are not supposed to get sick! I don’t suppose everyone will reschedule life today so I can stay in bed?

Yo I’m so gangsta I eat cereal with a fork… yeah you wish you were as hardcore as me now don’t you!! LOL

Is surprised that things just keep getting worse. My life is more of an embarrassment than the 9th season of Scrubs!

Sitting in my nice dry house listening to it rain really hard. Thinking of my boys at football practice and can’t help but SMILE!! (I know I’m a bad mom, it just serves them right for leaving before their chores were done!)

Love that my kids sneak into the kitchen for carrots.

  • Comment: I know a good therapist that I can recommend for that kind of CRAZY behavior!
  • Comment: Why would you know a crazy therapist?

Please copy and paste this to your status if you know someone, or have been affected by someone who needs a smack upside the head. Lets raise awareness.

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