Funny Facebook Quotes – Today…

  • Today my horoscope said that a friend is going to send me an email that’ll send me into a “gigglefest.”

Looking forward to it. >.<

Also, does anyone know if Miley Cyrus is writing horoscopes now?

  • Thats so weird..I just signed onto my Facebook account, and it said it had been accessed some where in Russia. It suggested I change my password. I hope they make a big deposit in my bank account.
  • I’m not a perfectionist… but my parents were… 🙂
  • There are those that just know the “perfect” things to say. . 😉
  • Comment: that is what I think whenever someone says frontbutt
  • Response: See and I thought YOU made that word up!!! >.~
  • I am watching Back to the Future for the third night in a row. Thanks AMC Channel for verifying that my life is boring.
  • Comment: that is funny because its on at my house too…. I however am not watching it just seeing its on.
  • Comment: BTTF is awesome! There is absolutely nothing boring about a life spent watching Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd on a wild romp through time.
  • Comment:  I agree. And, it’s not like it was the weekend or anything. You can always hide behind the guise of responsibility. “I had to work the next day” and all that. Even though it never stopped me.
  • Comment:  Whether it makes your life boring or not… I won’t comment, but why would you WANT to watch it 3 nights in a row?
  • Dear Lady trying to start up a conversation with me at the Dr. office, I really try not to judge, too much, but if you are wearing a t-shirt with an airbrushed image of R2D2 on it, I don’t think we’re gonna “click.”
  • Comment:  Maybe she was in the middle of doing her laundry, and it was her husbands shirt….I guess this means I should get rid of my Han Solo swimsuit coverup? (Totally kidding).
  • Response: I’m glad You were kidding, I’d hate for you to throw that away. It’ll be Super Sexy in Vegas this year. 😉

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