Midweek Funny Quotes … Super Bowl Sunday

  • Ok, I posted earlier that I didn’t care about the game, then it occurred to me that I MIGHT. . . Is Brett Favre playing?
    • Comment: Nope he plays for Minnesota.
    • Response: oh, back to not caring then.

  • Wonders if he should put his money on Steelin or Packin?

    • Dear Steelers fans, Please remember that the coach can’t hear you when you are yelling at the TV due to your team sucking it! – Thanks! Love the Packer Fans!!! Go Pack Go! Go Pack GO! Go Pack Go! Its gonna be an amazing Super Bowl!

    • The good news: My new 46″ Samsung flat screen has shipped. The bad news: It arrives the day after the Super bowl.

    • I really don’t care who wins the Super Bowl. I just want to eat some great food and drink some beers with friends.

    • I am super excited for the big game today. Let’s go Stilerz!
      • Comment: umm..you spelled that wrong it is spelled packers
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