Funny Quotes… Seize the Day!

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  • If ‘Seize the Day’ means hiding in your closet with a jar of peanut butter and a bag of chocolate chips… then I’m totally seizing today. >.<  #AlreadyBeenOneOfTHOSEDays
  • UPDATE: Husband— laughing uncontrollably at The Waterboy (Again)  Me— Strongly considering my options
  • Driving to Dance last night I saw a vehicle with a sticker on the window that said “Princess On Board” (hmmmm) What I’d like to know is when did Royalty start driving Hyundais?
  • I was trying to find a quote on something and I found a group under “Most Popular Authors”: #1) Kanye West #2) Albert Einstein #3) Bhagavad Gita #4) William Shakespeare (ODD)  Maybe this was suppose to be one of those Sesame Street ‘One of These Things Is Not Like the Other’ groupings??
  • Come on snow. I need to shovel something besides crap all day.
  • Stinkin’ computer in front of my face in my statistics class…because of you I never pay attention
  • You know what’s cooler than a million dollars? …A billion dollars.
  • Okay if you love the samples at Costco please stop reading here. Don’t continue on-you will be offended. IT’S A BITE OF FOOD PEOPLE! Why do you have to clog the isles so the rest of us can’t get our shopping done? The Costco employee that I asked if there is a day I can come shopping and they don’t do samples said “come on Mondays-they do them, but only about 1/2.”
  • I just read the list of things you should do before you die. I was pretty surprised “scream for help” wasn’t one of them…
  • I hate laundry I’d rather be in bed right now!!!
    • Comment: You can bring it over to my house, and all have my husband do it for you:)
    • Response: But I don’t want some strange man sorting thru my panties. Ha ha
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