Midweek Funny Quotes…That Kinda Morning

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  • I’m back and I brought my attitude with me!

  • Three little birds sat on my window and they told me I don’t need to worry. 🙂

  • I’m having a day! My phone won’t stay on. this is the diehard one I’ve had forever its lived thru water, & being thrown against the wall, it looks like a redneck phone but it works for me~ i refuse 2 get rid of it. Trying 2 get thru more laundry, & 2 the bottom of Ash’s room, we may hit the floor by end of wk, GEEZ, pack rat! Need 2 get our home in order, with this many kids it has 2 run like a well oiled machine~‎& by the way as of now its running like the car I blew up recently, I either put to much oil or not enough….. its either over board or not at all with me~ gotta find a happy medium somewhere in between.

  • So tell me, what’s so wrong with me? That you could leave so easily.

  • It is a Diet Coke kinda morning. Yes, I am just waking up.
    • Comment: Are you going to drinks twelve of them? Haha
    • Response: Nah, just one or two (depending on if the first one helps).
    • Comment: Ramen- follow with Ramen- and then a nap- how do I know this- because I am on diet coke number 3
    • Comment: I love Ramen it saved my life!
    • Response: no, I thought I saved your life?
    • Comment: Well when the Ramen ran out…

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