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  • For years, I had no idea what “lol” meant. Last week someone explained 🙂 to me. To all my former students, forget everything I ever taught you!
    • Comment: I always thought “lol” meant lots of love. What was I thinking? LOL
    • Comment: I thought the same thing, then my kids explained it to me. I sure felt dumb after that!
    • Comment: ‎??? maybe it doesn’t mean what I think it means…

  • Peanut Butter Snickers is back! I have missed you so much!
    • Comment: Just got a coupon in the mail I’ll be using as soon as I find them – buy one get one free!
    • Comment: They go great Dr. Pepper. That combo reminds me of high school.

  • Today is another day I must clean my house:( I so need a maid. Anyone wanna help 😀
    • Comment: Sure bring your house to ME

  • Don’t know what to be more pissed at: That I have to work a 4 day trip with 3 redeye flights during the Superbowl, OR That the Superbowl is in Cowboy Stadium and may feature the Steelers and Packers? WHAT have I done to deserve the thought of the latter dilemma!

  • This Rocks. This year we experience 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11 & 11/11/11. But even wilder. Take the last two digits of the year you were born and add the age you’ll be this year and they add up to 111. so cool….

  • Salina has the worst roads! Why can’t they fix them? I swear they’re worse than the freeway in Utah County. My car wants to fall apart driving on them. Also, whats with the drainage? There are huge puddles, I’m talking massive you could swim in them!

  • Anyone been to “Mystere” the show at Treasure Island in Vegas? It says it’s family friendly, but my version of family friendly and Vegas’ version of family friendly aren’t quite the same.
    • Comment: I haven’t seen a show in Vegas. We ate in the casinos a lot and pulled a few slot machine handles. I would have gone to see someone like Elvis, but I still remember something my mom said about one of the shows they were in. I can’t see Treasure Island having come out of the ceiling what came out the night my mom mentioned.

  • Twitter = Whats happening? Facebook = Whats on your mind? FourSquare= Where am I? Quora = what? Youtube = What I’m watching. LinkedIn = Whats in it for me? Myspace = zzzzz – Brian Solis

  • It’s been two weeks, but I still find it amusing that Wills and Estates is course number 666.

On that topic, here is how the UPC describes siblings and their children: “Descendants of the decedent’s parents, other than the decedent and the decedent’s descendants.” … Better mind your c’s and n’s.

    • Comment: Wills got me in the habit of typing “devise.” Now I have trademarks, which are a “word, name, symbol or *device*,” and I type it wrong every time.

  • ‎12:02 My 2 year old daughter was wearing my high heels, tripped and fell into my bedside table with a very sharp edge. Picked her up and it was already swollen & black. 12:30 getting my 2 year old son out of tub, he slipped and cut open his chin and needed stitches, same place as last time. Mother of the year—I have it in the bag!

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