Midweek Funny Status Quotes…Awesomeness!

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  • Want to confuse everyone you live with? Move the trash can.
    • Comment: My husband does that to us all the time.
    • Comment: Bahahaha I did that last week. I cant believe all the complaints I heard.

  • Are there any girl scouts in my neck of the woods trying raise some money.. I am looking to buy some yummy cookies! If not I will just order off the website!

  • I have finally been diagnosed…I have a serious condition known as “Awesomeness”. Don’t worry though, it’s a very rare condition and it’s not contagious!
    • Comment: We always knew you had a terrible case of that! It’s nice to know they finally have clinically diagnosed your issues! Lol.
    • Response: Ya feels good to finally have a diagnosis….hahaha!

  • I am fluent in 3 different languages. English,Sarcasm, and Profanity
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