Funny Facebook Quotes… American Idol

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  • Life without a cell phone is frustrating and liberating.
    • Comment: amen sister! I don’t have mine, and while it is nice not to be at every beck and call, i need it for work things! Bother
  • Dad I can’t find my cell phone anywhere on campus. What should I do? Just wait? Keep checking? Run away?
    • Comment: Has anyone seen my daughter’s cell phone, if so give her a call!
    • Response: But if they call me I won’t know!
  • Me: “what should my status be?” Jake: “Yeah….” Me: “HAHAHAHA”
  • Really disappointed by @tigerdirect cust service Now I know why I stick w/ @Amazon Intended to spend $ w/them Apparently they don’t want it
  • LOVED A. Idol last night!!! Didn’t feel good and the big Steve-Ty & J-Lo cheered me right up & made me feel a little better! I already like it SOoo much better with them 2 on!
    • Comment: OOh Ya!!! Good ol Steven will make anybody feel better. He is one Hot man;)
    • Comment: I like the kinder, gentler judges myself. In fact, I dreamed last night that Steven even let ME go to Hollywood and I don’t even remember singing! Now that IS nice!
  • Top Chef was bloody brilliant last night.
  • American Idol…now that is what I am talking about Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez! This will be a great season!!! Time to fire up the DVR.
    • Comment: J-Lo is finer than a frogs hair! I never knew that show was so comical.
  • My treadmill + iPad = badassness!
    • Comment: My mom was just telling me the same thing, but she did not use the word badassness, but if she knew it I am sure she would have used it!
  • Sometimes you just gotta inhale that helium and sing the Munchkinland Song to make a coworker smile…
    • Comment: Haha… next time I am having” one of those days” I am going to have to call and hear that
  • I don’t think I could ever stab someone. I can barely get the straw in the Capri Sun.
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