Friday Funny Facebook Quotes… Horoscope Change

  • Will someone please explain this horoscope change thing to me, you know.. like you would to a three year old. I don’t get it.
  • It looks like it is a lot warmer inside my freezer than outside the house.
  • dreams of a better world…where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned :0)
    • Comment: Whats the the real problem here? Are you getting tired of people questioning you?
  • Trying to remember where i parked my car today. I need a car locator.
    • Comment: You need to come home.
    • Response: I can’t. Did you not see I can’t find my car.
  • Frustrated….Alltel Frustrates the Heck out of me… (((((SCREAM)))))
    • Comment: Amen sister! I’m so done!
    • Comment: Me too… their system sucks!!! I am not doing AT&T either.
    • Comment: verizon, had it since I was 16, no problems!!!
  • ‎”oh-FEE-uh-kuss”…thanks Google and Wikipedia for helping me out there :o)
    • Comment: But, I don’t wanna be a virgo…
    • Response: It only applies to folks born after 2009 is what I heard on Fox News earlier. But it was Fox News; so that information is probably blatantly wrong…
    • Comment: I’ve heard it only applies to people born after 2009, but I’ve also heard it applies to everyone. I’m confused. Thankfully I don’t actually live by that stuff 😛 But I still don’t wanna be a Leo.. I liked being a Virgo.
  • Okay, admit it without me your life wouldn’t be the same! 🙂
  • is super stoked to get her hair cut after work tonight! 🙂
    • Comment: I knew you wouldn’t grow it out haha.
    • Comment: What about the dream!!!????? You can’t ignore that stuff ya know. Bad carma
  • Not feelin the love today…. Whos got somethin funny to say to cheer me up?!
    • Comment: I have one for you!! Remember those big tanks in Salina right before the onramp to the Freeway that had the Dr.Pepper Logo and other drinks on them…. well about 2-3 years ago I found out they don’t store Dr. Pepper in them after I made a comment about refilling the soda! Who knew it had fuel in them!!!
    • Comment: Umm… When I was pregnant, towards the end my mom and her friend were telling me that I should drink castor oil to induce labor. I kept telling them “no way, disgusting!”. So I am a day late and we were out running errands and me and my mom had to pee really bad so we pulled into a gas station and when I was waiting for her to get out I was staring at the automotive section which is right by the restroom and when my mom comes out I asked her which grade of castrol oil should I get?? My mom started laughing so hard she was crying and immediatley started calling everyone to let them know how stupid I was. The entire time they were telling me about castor oil I thought they were talking about the motor oil. I am glad I asked before I just bought one and drank it!!!
  • Woke up with super sore legs today.. Kickboxing in my sleep?
    • Comment: Did your hubby wake up with any bruises?
    • Comment: That was my question too
    • Response: Well, He WAS snoring (I think). So probably. Mystery solved.. I was kicking my husband…..
    • Comment from husband: Maybe it was the 3 hours at the gym? And I was Mr. Mom last night. I wasn’t even in bed with you. Snore!? You’re in trouble girl.
  • Dreaming is a good thing…Who cares what others think of your dreams…They are your dreams, and our dreams are our hearts desires…Our hearts desires are what fulfills our lives and brings us happiness…
    • Comment: Well said!!!!!
  • YeeHaw! Its supposed to get above freezing today! First time in awhile now and 34 sure sounds warm…
  • I have a sudden urge to put on a head warmer and my leg warmers… who is game….
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