Funny Facebook Quotes for a Cold New Year

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  • Well I just witnessed a miracle. My iPad made me start to read a book!
  • Dear Comcast.. logging in to look at my bill, being asked 5 times to agree to the new agreement and then redirected to agree again, asked to register for access (after I logged in) and then told I’m already registered and then redirected out of the account area, only to do it all again….
  • Black Swan. . .what the. . . I guess I’ve never taken myself that seriously. I just want to giggle. . .
  • I wish someone would volunteer to work the next 2 days for me, of course, I volunteered in the first place. It always sounds great until the time comes. ; )
  • Why is it that when I’m cold it makes me havta potty? Is it just me or does the cold do that to everyone?!!
    • Comment: LOL its cuz when ur cold ur body tenses up in order to stay warm so because ur tense ur squeezing on ur bladder making u feel the urge to piss

  • Just went shopping with the girls and totally realized i have packed on weight this winter! Help me jenny!
  • I think I’m gonna leave my car running during Zumba! I don’t wanna get into a cold car! Its FLIPPING freezing!
  • I am so over the snow…..Please hurry back summer…..I miss you so much….
    • Comment: I agree…. I want the sunnn, then i could drive more….
    • Comment: over in colorado Springs, there is NO snow send it our way

  • Everyone was asking where the snow was… well here you have it folks. I hope you’re happy. The commute ended up being pure crap thanks to you.
  • Cleaning, gutting rooms, cleaning more, putting away, storing, organizing…..GEEZ! The “after” Christmas is harder than the “before”!!!!! 🙂
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  2. TeAnna says:

    Funny as always! (but everything seems funnier in the cold about the cold.)

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