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Christmas in the post-War United States

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I think I have hit that point in my life where I think FM 100 is playing awesome music. Where did I go wrong? Was it that I just turned 35 or is it just the Christmas music that is sucking me in?

Comment: There is something seriously wrong here. Immediately seek the help of a counselor!

Comment: didn’t take you as long as you thought it would ………Welcome to my world Woody…………..

Comment: Yeah I’m finding my radio tastes are changing too. I’m fascinated by the fact that they play the Chili Peppers on ‘classic’ radio now.

Comment: I hit this point in my life a long time ago…it took you long enough. LOL! Merry Christmas!

Comment: Don’t worry it is just the Christmas music!

What’s that supposed to be? I said. That’s a Christmas dragon, he said. If Santa rode around with this instead of all those reindeer I think it’d put real teeth in the naughty-or-nice thing. #SOTD

Has Christmas songs from “Home Alone” stuck in his head — “Dang you, FM100!” 😉

It is on days such as this that I am rather sure my life is a movie. And there’s some British person narrating these experiences. And people at home are laughing hysterically at the comedy/tragedy unfolding before their eyes…

Dear Santa, This year for Christmas I’d like a Barrett .50 cal Sniper Rifle w/digital display and a butt load of ammo, I’m going ahhhhh… Turkey hunting

What happened to the me that could stay up wrapping etc. until 2a.m.? Am I really this old! Ugh! (only happy encouraging comments on how I’m really NOT that old please!)

note to self- always ignore the call from your boss on the holidays! Merry Christmas everybody.

I have gotten a few of the cards I sent out back because of wrong addresses. If you didn’t get a card and usually do I am so sorry, but I probably won’t resend it! Merry Christmas to everyone!

I want a wall-sized Christmas Advent calendar with a different bottle of booze behind each little door. Sounds like a great way to count down to Christmas to me!! hahahahaha…

Christmas memory: My brother telling my daughter at age 5, a week before Christmas that Santa gives better presents to kids that leave chocolate milk. Come Christmas Eve I had a hysterical little girl when I didn’t have any, took me 20 minutes and a frustrated phone call to figure out what he had said. (Oh Thank Heaven for 7-11)

Come on! Rain! In December! Right before Christmas! In northern Utah! Where’s the snow?!

Comment: come to Santaquin there is two feet!

Comment: Or you can come a little further south to Scipio… We have 3 feet of snow. I can’t even let my 2 year old go out and play for fear I will lose her 🙂

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