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Getting ready for Christmas? What are you favorite Christmas movies? Who can forget the leg lamp from [ad name=”text – Christmas story”]? It’s a Major Award! Or how about the giant Christmas tree in [ad name=”text – christmas vacation”]? Remember always that the “best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing it loud for all to hear” as explained in [ad name=”text elf”]. What is the movie you have to watch every Christmas to get in the Spirit of the season?

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Wow what a bargain! I just got an email to renew one of my domains for ***$75*** a year!!!! Darn, I already renewed it for less than $10… Idiot spammers.

Just for future reference, lol my name spelled short is s-t-e-P-H, not s-t-e-F 🙂

Today I went to watch a movie I need to for extra credit in the library, I put on my headphones and pushed play about ten minutes into it I thought this really quite, so I turn up the volume, but to no avail. I finally decided to check the connection, I take off my head phones only to find I am blasting the movie through out the library. I couldn’t tell because of the head phones. Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Mad Libs Style Update: I was _____ My_____ until Some______ Stole My _________. So I _______ until the _______ Brought Me A Clean One.

Add your own: verb, noun, pejorative, article of clothing, verb & professional title

Comment: Washing, socks, jerkface, towel, shivered, warden

Comment: Mine were all too dirty to put on this family-oriented site

Comment: Yeah, Ms. Pottybrain here too….

Comment: I haven’t had coffee yet, this is too much like work…

I’ve been through a lot so I’m tougher than the pavement.

My life is like a cartoon. Thus no need to change my profile picture…take THAT CHILD ABUSE!!!!!

Laughter is the best medicine. When I become an adult I want to be a comedian just so I will never get sick.

Young son’s question of the day: “Mama, is SpongeBob cheese?”

Is trying……

Comment: trying what??….

Comment: to have a baby? To make a Bundt cake? To put toothpaste back into the tube? To fashion a device to make my boobs smaller? To overthrow the government of a small country?

Comment: Trying to take over the world!

Comment: eat more fiber

Got to drive through the inversion….formerly known as FOG!

Comment: Gotta love the Salt Lake Valley inversion layer – I recall one year back in the 80s when we didn’t see the Sun for several months. BTW, ours is known as the marine layer

Response: Funny how the name changes, yet the driving remains the same… yucky

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