Midweek Funny Status Updates… Technology

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Hi Ya’ll my facebook page was compromised ..if you get something from me about a free ipad..DONT click on it!! I didn’t send it!! Sorry – changed my password and hope that stops it from happening!

Okay, I got a new SIM card for an older phone I had here at the house. You can now call and/or text me. The number is the same. I may not recognize the number because the contact list isn’t up to date, deal with it.

trying to find the words to describe you all without being disrespectful

It’s amazing how detail cleaning my microwave sends me into a cleaning spree every time. I have a feeling it’s going to be a very productive day….

please let me be able to sleep tonight. I can’t keep not sleeping! UGHHHHH!!!!!!

Comment: Turn on CNN, it repeats so you end up shutting down.

Comment: You are getting sleepy….sleepy…. (my hypnosis skills were never very good, but it’s worth a try)

Can you teach me how to be a grown up. Do you carry your diploma around with you? What do you do with your hair in the morning?

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