Friday Funny Facebook Quotes… December Brings Christmas Joy

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The month of December holds one of the most beloved children’s holidays… Christmas.  Children everywhere are excited about the arrival of Santa Claus on Christmas morning. Our funny Facebook friends share their funny status updates to brighten the season.

STILL sick! 🙁

At least my house looks pretty and “sparkly”.. I don’t really want to go anywhere anyways.

Comment: You CLEAN when you are sick?

Response: Ooops! Did I say CLEAN? I have my eyes focused on the Christmas trees, lit garlands and such. I’m avoiding the dishes all over the counter, spilled cereal on the table and the big pile of laundry on the small couch..

“From the start of the Ivory Coast conflict, the French force there – Unicorn – has found neutrality as elusive as the mythical creature it is named after.”

Comment: Ha! Neutral unicorns? Not the ones I’ve encountered. Those things will rip your face off if you make fun of them. Bad analogy. 

Response: Haha I saw this quote when I was researching for a class and thought it was pretty funny.

Comment: I once looked at a unicorn a second longer than I should have and he rammed me through the femoral artery and I bled out. Luckily as he was urinating on my face, some splashed on my wound healing it instantly. It goes without saying that they are only my second favorite magical creature now..

Comment: you’re wise beyond your years having been healed by mythical urine.

The kid was pretending to be Santa when she tells me, “Mrs. Claus is out of town. Do you mind if I visit with you?”

Mommy Sick Day 🙁 My little boy: “You sick mom?” “You hot?” “You got a beaver?” At least I got a good giggle..

#immaturemommy #gonnablamenofatherfiguretoday

curiosity killed the cat…procrastination killed the student!

Comment: You wouldn’t be talking about me are you? I am pretty much the Queen at procrastinating, just so you know. If you need help with it I am the one to ask.

is not going to like the Facebook layout change that takes place tomorrow (at least starts then), which was previewed on 60 minutes. Egocentrics will.

Need to take a day off to make candy. Wonder what my boss would say. ???

Comment: Maybe it depends on how much of it you bring into work?!!

WoW.. A lot of Christmas music is mildly depressing. Now, I Wish I Had a River I Could Skate Away On.

My husband just pointed out that I do… Just no skates

Still trying to come up with a “good” reason to tell anyone that asks why my kids didn’t go to school today.. We wanted to make ornaments for the tree just doesn’t seem like the responsible answer >.<

My six year old’s Christmas List:

1) an Apple Tree

2) 3 bags of chips

3) Stuff to build a treehouse (new house = no trees)

4) a Puppy

5) an awesome toothbrush

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