Friday Funny Facebook Quotes… Just to Make You Smile

Just a few funny quotes for a Friday. They should make your day all warm and fuzzy. Speaking of warm and fuzzy, Keen Socks are the warmest socks I have ever worn. Winter time, no problem as long as my feet are toasty. Have a great Friday friends!

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  • Long story short, I made the gas attendant smile!
  • I heart cryptic status updates. *eye roll*
  • I could use a little less whine and more coffee.
  • Stop being a brat… (ouch) stop being a brat… (ouch) stop being a brat… (ouch)
  • It is a sad day when people start to remove me as a friend. *depressed*
    • Comment: Hahahahahaha what the!!! Who did this!?
    • Response: I don’t know yesterday I had 173 friends now I only have 169.
    • Comment: ‎5 whole people?!
  • is gonna make one helluva husband. If marriage were a game, I would win.
    • Comment: When????
  • PMS!!! My kids better help get my house cleaned and organized or get the HECK out of my way!!!!!
  • Just got MOONED! In broad day-light, by a BROAD!!!!! Wow….. there are no words!
    • Comment: It was your lucky day 😉
    • Comment: Ok, I have a few words for it… Hey lady, what’s your number? Lol Just kidding 
    • Comment: Did you recognize her? Maybe it was a friendly moon?
    • Comment: Sorry I thought I was mooning someone else! Just kidding! Really I promise!!!!
    • Comment: When you say “broad’ were you describing her derriere?
  • Scouting for Food drive tonight. I’m wrangling 13 Cubs and Boy Scouts handing out bags to 445 houses. In the dark. Go me.
  • How much alcohol do you have to drink to get a mosquito drunk??
  • The most memorable people in your life will be the people who loved you when you weren’t very lovable
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