Funny Quotes about Harry Potter, Thanksgiving and Christmas

We have a big week ahead of us. The new Harry Potter movie opened today, Thanksgiving is now less than a week away, day after Thanksgiving starts the Christmas shopping season with all the wonderful Black Friday sales. I can hardly wait! However, with all of these wonderful holidays and events comes a lot of stress. This week I am thankful for my Facebook friends to keep me laughing through it all. Are your friends keeping you laughing? Share the love people. Send us your favorite Facebook quotes and we will post them throughout the holiday season.

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Just got back from a Xmas party, BEFORE thanksgiving. haha, earlier every year.

I started the day with 61 unread emails. I’m ending the day with 79 unread emails. I just couldn’t catch up today *sigh* Maybe I’ll catch up tomorrow? *hopeful look*

Some things you find out the hard way….on days you are sick…..eating SALSA is NOT recommended while watching Grey’s Anatomy…I should possibly take note of that.

Well, sleeping 18 hours seems to have helped my cold -did I beat your record? I still have a bit of a sore throat, but the coughing and sneezing seems to have stopped.

Comment: Almost, 19 hours is my record. But my goodness, way to go!

Ow! I just punched myself in the boob. Pulling up my sleeves and my hand lost grip and then blunt force trauma to the boob with a clenched fist.

Comment: Better your boob than your face! I’ve punched myself in the face when pulling up my sleeves (trying to keep the sleeves dry while doing dishes).

Comment: Well if they weren’t so big… yah know?

Comment: I really, really hope you knocked it out. Those suckers (suckees?) can be mean when agitated, you know…

well I’m off to see the wizard I am sure he wonderful after all. My life seems to be a crazy lil life but lovin every minute of it.

Did you know Lassie had a crush on Rin Tin Tin? Mr. Ed told me; said they heard it from Flipper. Sounds fishy to me, but they swears it’s from the horse’s mouth.

My life is like a box of chocolates I never know what I am going to get and I only pray that it does not go stale.

My Family and Friends know me and still choose to be seen in public with that’s LOVE! Lol

Comment: I do not

Response: ya u do

Comment: No I said

paid his speeding ticket in all ones today. HAHA!!!! And is going to the midnight showing of Harry Potter

Comment: jealousy is running through my veins right now… about the Harry Potter not the speeding ticket!

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