Midweek Funny Facebook Quotes

Time for some midweek funny quotes. Just a little something to get you through hump day. Some weeks we need every little bit of help we can get to get us through the week. Our Funny Facebook friends are always there to help us through our trials.

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Do dogs go through terrible twos? It seems like my dog is doing just that. Today we lost her for an hour in the city. Country dogs don’t belong in the city. She is now home safe and sound.

AutoCAD, I hate your guts. You should never have been born & I hope you die a slow & violent death.

yard work today. I love yard work.

Comment: I have some just waiting for you…

my life rocks. there’s just no other way around it! 😀

You know what they say about money, you can’t take it with you, but you can leave a legacy of love lasting for as long as you want if you just put the effort forth.

Comment: Love this one!! Will you please keep an eye on my house?

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