Midweek Facebook Quotes…Halloween, Football & Politics

This week started off with ghosts, witches and goblins for Halloween and the spooky outcomes of  NFL football games. Then we went right into the political process of voting for some other scary characters . This week  our funny Facebook friends did not disappoint. They had something to say about everything.

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For the love of the Bronco nation LET TEBOW PLAY!

my poor husband thinks I understand what he is talking about when he analyzes his football team. sorry honey even when you put it in slo mo and narrate-I still don’t get it. if the ball hits the end zone I celebrate-other than that……

Its official…I dislike Halloween. Emery says it’s the devils holiday, I think she is right.

Home from a rockin’ Halloween party. Kids are zonked, and I’m sneaking the good candy. Best. Holiday. Ever.

My boss is gonna be himself for Halloween…..scary.

All I’m seeing is people I don’t want to vote for. This might take some time…

Working at a polling location today. One of the voters, an old lady just said: “I wish Obama were a tree and I were a dog!”

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