Facebook Quotes for Friday

would like to thank the friendly AT&T Employees across the street for sending customers to us who would like 3G Coverage :o)

Comment: I say one donut for every person they send!

Comment: I have 2 ½ G…..

I have to say – It kind of freaks me out how forceful Boots the Monkey is when he demands that we “SAY MAP! SAY MAP!!!!” Ok!! Ok!!! Just stop shouting!!

Comment: I cannot STAND Dora or Diego, they do yell though!! Every time they talk it’s like they are yelling! Gives me a lil headache every time!

Comment: Have you ever seen the Dora sketch from SNL??? So hilarious. It has been a while since I’ve watched it. It is a cartoon so your kids will want to watch… watch it when they are asleep (that is if your 4 year old insomniac ever falls asleep. Lol) It will change the way your watch Dora from now on. Hahaha!!!!

has anyone on Farmville gotten a queen bee??? Or am I the only one who hasn’t gotten one?

Comment: No I have not got one either and I have planted flowers until they are coming out my nose

I love life…unsuspected good scores on quizzes, rice and beans for independence day of Brazil, and institute in Portuguese! Can it get any better? I submit that it can not!! Haha

Comment: I guess not!

let my kids eat goldfish and popcorn. Then two feet into vacuuming my vacuum broke. urgh.

Comment: [insert your favorite “my vacuum sucks” joke here:]

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