Friday Funny Facebook Quotes… I Love Kids and Dogs

The baby rearing years are over for me and I miss the great things little kids say and do. Luckily for me I know have a dog to keep life exciting. However, the funny Facebook friends have dogs AND kids so I can just enjoy their funny status updates. Thanks friends for making our days fun!

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had a sneezing fit and somehow lost my contact. After recovering I began searching on my hands and knees for my missing contact. My dog, who is on the other side of the room, then starts gagging and hacking something up….Alas, my lost contact was found amid the kibble chunks. Lucky me :o)

I will also include t-mobile in the massacre as they are liars and stealers of other peoples monies!!!! In guard biters of donkey bottoms!!!!

Gonna kill whoever gave me the black plague!!!!! I will use medieval tactics on u too!

wants to personally thank whoever stole her iPod… thank you so much for making my day!

Comment: well I have washed 3 iPods so don’t feel bad haha and its worse when u know who did it (mom)

Life Lesson: Don’t leave stinky trash all weekend in a small apartment! = FUNKY SMELL!

my husband was on the move to kill a GIANT spider in our bathroom when our two year old said “Dad is it a Daddy long leg?” He said no, and without skipping a beat she said “Well is it a baby long leg?”

Oh man to be four years old again…. no worries.. and the joy of playing outside with the neighborhood kids…till ur mom calls you in cuz it’s to dark.

oh it so sucks to be spoiled and get exactly what I want…

comment: I would love to be able to put that theory to the test 😛

Note to Self: Do not leave a pen AND a cube of sticky notes within reach of your toddler no matter how far across the house the two said item are placed. That is all

lol…My son who is only 9 just came up to me and said with a rather annoyed voice “Mommy there is this girl who has a crush on me in my class and she asks me to chase her all the time at recess.” Lol

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