Friday Funny Quotes … To Be a Child Again

Oh, to be a child again. Some funny quotes from Facebook remind us of our childhood. It seems like there were no worries back in the day. Maybe they were just different.  Worries like when will school be over? Will my friends be able to play today? Will my friends still like me? Does that cute boy like me? Now as adults you have different worries but it is good to know your Facebook friends will remind you of your old childhood worries. Enjoy your youth while you can and remember you are only as old as you feel.

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There is just something wrong with a 13 year old girl wearing a ‘scratch-n-sniff’ t-shirt. Who’s brilliant idea was that?

Wow.. nothing like hosting a bbq ur husband forgot to tell you about…more people in my dirty house

I’d like to be a child again. So many things to do. Playground noise and colored toys. Everything brand new.

Comment: Have a kid and you can experience the whole thing again but with out appearing to be creepy while at the playground. =)

Comment: … you are STILL a child. :-p

Response: I know, but like my sister said parents might get creeped out if I go to the playground and play with the other kids.

Comment: Especially if you have the creeper facial hair like your profile pic.

Response: lol, I shave occasionally.

cherries here…bottle over 40 pounds yesterday….are they healthy when they’re bottled with rum or brandy??? lol we will have to figure that out before Christmas when they are ready!!!

I think Groupon is trying to make me fat. 90% of the deals are for food. Not that there is anything wrong with that…

Forgot what it was like to have a date without a kid. My husband and I were able to have a 2 hour dinner and talk, laugh and joke around like we use to. We went and saw Inception. Pretty good movie but I had a hard time getting over Juno.

Comment: I get excited when I can take a shower uninterrupted! Congrats on some couple time!

is glad this week is about done. It has been the worst. On the plus side, I now know where my breaking point is.

Comment: Where is that point, out in a bin that’s 120’?

Comment: Yeah. I am definitely at a WTFH moment in my life. Define that however you like.

I wanna man who plays the piano!!!

Comment: Always a good priority.;)

Is it just me or are all the clothing stores carrying the JERSEY SHORE fashion line?

They say always walk on the bright side of life, so why is all the fun on the dark side.

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