Funny Facebook Quotes… MidWeek or is it Monday Again?

Monday Funny Quotes to get your week started right. Midweek Funny Quotes seem to come around a lot quicker than it ever did before. For that matter, this whole year seems to have gone by faster than ever. Maybe that comes with age. Remember when you were little and could not wait for a holiday or event and now they just sneak up on us old timers. Oh well, Happy Halloween and in case it sneaks up on me Happy Thanksgiving too! Enjoy today’s Funny Quotes!

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I just went end over tea kettle over the handle bars of a bike. Can you say owwy!!!!!

Comment: You just back on the bike and you are already doing tricks? Way to go!

Comment: Hey, I just payed a lot of dough getting it fixed you dork

Response: I didn’t break the bike just me

me-“oh my gosh we have a squirrel living in our back yard”

my husband-“where’s cousin Eddie he usually eats those things”

me-he he he-cuz I love that show!

My son this morning: mom, you know your fruit leather? Me: yes? Him: the kids at school really love it.

He tells me that he trades pieces of my apricot fruit leather for more snacks during snack time. He uses it as barter. I told him he’s the 2nd generation of fruit leather traders in our family. My brothers & I used to trade ours for Twinkies & other junk food.

Shocked at the number of iPads at VmWorld. They’re everywhere!

is realizing more and more that Monday seems to come a lot faster than anyone wants it too!

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