Funny Facebook Quotes to Get Your Monday Going

Just a few funny quotes to get the week started. Have a great one Facebook friends!

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Me: Do y’all have any packing tape? Dollar Tree Girl: What’s packing tape? – Me: Can you tell me where business supplies are? Wal-Mart Associate: Umm…*Confused Look*…No.

Comment: I am not going to even give you a good comment on that one!!!

Comment: Oi! Why are Wal-Mart associates so stupid?!?! Better yet… why do I work there?!

Do you ever wonder as a parent if your children are really truly LISTENING to you? It’s sad that you try and give them advice and direct them in the right direction and they go ahead and take the WRONG road anyways!!!!!!!

Comment: yep wonder everyday just dealt with it at 2 am this morning. Got a phone call from the police to come pick up my 19 yr old kid. Kids don’t listen. Well not that one any ways

I can’t believe all of my friends and family that grew up on the 80’s music didn’t name the song my status is from. Where are you ______ (brother stuck in the 80’s)?

“Harry had a little bat, it’s fur as black as night. And every where that Harry went the bat was sure in flight. It followed him to school one day, that was against the rules. To see the children scream and run away, because a bat was going to eat you!” I helped my daughter finish the nursery rhyme.

thinks that since we can genetically alter every other species in the world and crossbread them, I just want to be genetically altered to run off of 3 or 4 hours of sleep per night. Then MAYBE I’ll get everything done each day :o)

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