Funny Facebook Quotes… Get Ready for Halloween (poll)

Halloween is just around the corner. This holiday is a lot of fun with the Halloween parties and Halloween costumes. Facebook friends seem to be very busy with sticky keys,  selling of belly button lint and buying tires. These are some odd sayings and quotes.  Between posting funny quotes and status updates, check out the fun costumes at [ad name=”SAS- Totally Costumes Text”].

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1. My computer just asked me “Do you want to turn on sticky keys?” WTH?
Why not, everything else in this house seems to be sticky. . . =\

2. thought the other day that my job was frustrating… I came home to hear that one of my wife’s 1st grade students has pooped his pants, gone to the bathroom and removed his undies and was then waving them around…

3. Canning peaches today. It’s way fun. I want to come back as Martha Stewart in my next life.

4. Sometimes, there just aren’t enough rocks.….

5. I am going to watch one more Ed Wood movie then call it a night and get some sleep.

6. is confused and disturbed that selling a fake belly button lint collection on craigslist would attract so many responses.

Comment: Ew. You gotta watch some people on craigslist. There are apparently some very strange fetishes out there.

Comment: so do you think real belly button lint could fetch a good price?

7. My daughter said taking a bath with her new Aquarium toys, “What does this one smell like?” She was holding up a Sting Ray. Her answer, “It smells like a stink ray.” Cheesy jokes run in the family. =)

8. Note to self. Don’t drink lots of Dr. Pepper right before bed. It makes things difficult.

9. I think my computer has a virus:{

Comment: cover its mouth when it coughs :oX

10. I hated writing out a big check on a Saturday for new tires. But writing for weekend methon the memo line somehow made it a lot easier. . .

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