Funny Facebook Quotes…Football Season

Are you ready for some football? That’s right football season is upon us and the teams are already are positioning for the playoffs. Sometimes football season can be hard on a lot of people, mostly the wives. Let them have their football parties, let them yell at the television, let them endure the cold just to see their teams play. As for the rest of you, see you on Facebook.

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My daughter is talking about Vampires. Twilight fever is even affecting three year olds. Sheesh. Part of the conversation with my daughter about vampires: Where did you learn about vampires? “I don’t know.” What do you know about them? “They fight.” What do they fight? “The cheddar.” How do they do that? “Hi-Ya!”

What an amazing time we live in where earning money doesn’t entitle you to money, but wanting it does.

Is currently getting a speeding ticket!!

Dear Friends and Family, Football Season is here, therefore, I may not be. Please forgive me for ANY and ALL rants about the bad calls, and the hatRED towards my rivals! I will seem absent for the next few months, I am sorry! Go UTES, SAINTS, and BOYS!!! See you in February…..P.S. Go Broncos! Denver that is! (Not those crappy ones who live in the Land of the Potato and play on the smurf turf)

Just thought I’d share (for those who don’t know) I’M PREGNANT!! My husband and I are so excited!!

Comment: Shut up! I had no idea…to think I had to find out on Facebook!

Comment: WHAT!!! I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT?? YES!! hahahahahaha! Good thing for Facebook! One I will actually get to see! 🙂(That sounded like I didn’t know…. FYI I have known for weeks I just like to tease!)

Comment from husband: What??? When were you going to tell me? Thanks Facebook. Ha ha love ya.

We were eating at a restaurant a few weeks ago when the baby was acting up. The kid said a prayer that the baby would behave. When he was still misbehaving, the kid said, “Jesus, work harder.” Sometimes I feel like saying that too.

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  1. Heather says:

    Whew. Glad I finally made the cut this time. Fight the Cheddar!!!

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