Funny Facebook Quotes… Animals are Fun

Weird things can happen with the funny Facebook friends. Thanks for always sharing your status for the day. Whether animals are wandering into your house or your cat does a cool trick it always makes for interesting reading.

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My mother just had a peacock wander into her house. The only exciting thing we ever get are lizards.

Comment: Okay, that is way cool. A friend here just had a coyote run through her backyard. I had a chipmunk fall into my dryer, but that’s it.

I think I am officially a blog stalker!

Comment: ME TOO.. but I call myself a blog “watcher”!!

Some genius put up a clip strip of baby rattles next to the pregnancy tests and condoms where I work, freakin’ funny as hell!! ha ha

just killed 7 flies! Feeling productive already. 🙂

Crapballs! This morning is the only free time I have to do yard work on my days off and it rained. Yard is soaked and I can’t mow. &^*%!%@!$&*%&*$^#!!!!!

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