Funny Facebook Quotes… Reality!

Another Friday brings more funny sayings on life from our Facebook friends. What is reality? It happens every day to every one of us. At first a situation may be difficult to handle but looking back, hopefully you can laugh.  Reality is looking to Friday for a fun weekend and the funny funny sayings from your Facebook friends. Now my sister has a problem with not having her quote on Funny Facebook Quotes every week. After all, she is funny. Reality is a lot of other Facebook friends are funny too.

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Well we just got back from an aWeSoMe weekend at the Lake! I love going for 4 Wheeler rides, lounging, reading, taking walks, EATING!, and watching movies!!! Good times! 🙂 But, I HATE having to come home to reality…. 🙁 (wah! whine!)

Comment: Reality is a state of mind!!

You know what’s funny…. When you have a room full of friends and you say here stupid and they all look….

I’m SO happy right now 🙂 and I can’t even wait till Monday life couldn’t get much better for me right now 🙂

Comment: I wonder what’s happening on Monday ……hmmmm

Response: It’s a secret shhhhh!

Comment: A secret posted on Facebook is like what… an oxymoron… haha. But sure, I wont tell if you don’t haha

You know you’re getting older when … you hand your 5-year-old granddaughter the telephone and say, “Hurry, its long distance,” and she just looks at you like you lost your mind.

not a bad day, but feeling badly I forgot my brother’s birthday and my nieces birthday….I’m so bad! Just too much going on in my own life I guess, I live in my little bubble, and tend to forget the outside world…..

Comment: did you also forget to go to work…lol

Response: I didn’t forget to go in I simply just didn’t go… haha I cant tell ya why, it I told ya Id have to kill ya so it’ll b my dirty little secret

heard “highway to hell” as I drove to work today. Coincidence? I think not!

Comment: that’s too funny! At least you looked happy when I seen you.

Response: that cuz I was leaving….lol

Wow! what a day! Keep the good news coming 🙂 Just when you least expect it!

Wisdom-its what you get after you don’t really need it…

My daughter starts dragging her toys out and I say Please don’t drag out ur toys I just cleaned in here! she says mom I am not makin a mess I am dragging them out and putting them in here in an organized way! Ha ha ha! She is so full of it!

would like anyone out there looking for a service opportunity to know that I could really use some Chinese food delivered. I would be so grateful that I would even allow you to borrow a cd/dvd without showing two forms of ID.

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