A Few Midweek Funny Facebook Quotes

Wednesday again! The middle of the week blues have us down a little but luckily we can all laugh at what our funny Facebook friends are saying. Wednesdays mean that we are that much closer to the weekend. There are so many things to look forward to everyday in life. Enjoy every moment!

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It has been a long time since I have been up early enough to see the sunrise. Man, how I wish I was still in bed.

My daughter’s face powder was too light, mine was too dark, thought I would pry them both open and mix them. Made a HUGE mess, broke both containers, I have a terrible (sneezing) headache AND now I have to go buy us both new powders. =\

But, this feels like the best thing that’s happened to me all week! Yes. I’m grumpy. *sigh*

Is at the Jenny & Johnny concert with his brothers and a man wearing Levi cut-offs. I don’t think I could pull them off, but Tobias the 2nd is wearing them with pride

I love Bills….NOT…lol…Its the most stressful time of the month…lol

Comment: I love when they are paid but I hate when I have to pay them… but it’s gotta get done that’s just how life works…

Um…has anyone seen the Axe “clean balls” commercial Holy frick! I am laughing so hard but seriously HOLY FRICK! (see video)

Comment: No, but it sounds like I need to!

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