Friday Funny Facebook Quotes… Ahhh, September

The leaves are just starting to change color. Driving in the canyon this week I saw red, gold and orange leaves. September is a great time of the year. The temperatures are cooling down but not too much and school is starting. Yesterday I wore my very favorite comfortable warm Keen socks for the first time of the year. Then I snuggled up on my couch and caught up with the Facebook friends. What a great day!

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got hit on in a way tonight that will haunt me all of my days…. I was definitely wrong about any flirting being a flattering experience.

‎… “What’s for dinner?” will not count as a check-in … 🙂

Some people are on cloud 9, why is it that I can only get to cloud 3 or 4??

Wishing I was at home getting ready so I can get the hell out of Dodge but I am here at work. Well, who brought candy?

Who knew September had so many weird holiday and awareness days/weeks.

Today (International Chocolate Day) is a good day to get Chocolate Wasted!…. Looks like it’s also “Pleasure your mate month” Guess I’ll be making my husband a nice long *To Do* List 😉

Huh, company party and no embarrassing photos of me yet. Good night so far then.

Had to put a $0.11 purchase on my freakin credit card. Maybe I will reconsider carrying cash after today!

Comment: Big spender!

Now off to a Twins game!! I’m dying for a nutritious hot dog and peanuts! 🙂

Ladies remember.. the men may be the “head” but we are the “neck” and the neck turns the head!

Comment: I love it…. That is so true in so many ways… lol

went running with my hubby this morning. I ran 5.5 miles, he is running 29.

Comment: 29?! Did you replace your husband with a robot or something? That’s not human.

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