Funny Facebook Quotes… Life’s Little Pleasures

Some days when your mood is in the dumps isn’t it great to go to your computer open up Facebook and notice all the little things that make your Facebook friends happy. It seems like every day we should be able to find one thing to brighten a grumpy mood. Thank you Facebook friends for helping us notice life’s little pleasures.

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one of life’s little pleasures: relaxing in my seat while 200 passengers are standing in the aisle thinking they will get off the plane a lot sooner.

What’s worse than needing two new tires? Needing four new tires.

I hear it’s greener on the other side, I know it’s there. I can smell it

knows it’s been a tough and long day when I go switch the laundry from washer to dryer only to find one of my high heels mixed in with the clothes.

loves how “glorious” and “victorious” both rhyme and have similar meanings. Ha ha…random thought of the day. 🙂

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