Taking Care of Your Facebook Friends with Funny Status Updates

People are funny. They say so many random things on Facebook that can really make for a fun day at work. I have read many times where someone will say, “My baby just….” Does this mean that as the baby is falling out of the high chair, the mother rushes to Facebook to let us know. What do you think? Who gets taken care of first, the baby or the Facebook friends?

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I had a good couple of days off, now I get to work the early shift tomorrow. Yay, I get to wake up at the butt crack of dawn!! Blah!

At wht pont doo we corect freinds’ spelling erors on fb? Pleese let me know when I make mistakes so I can yank my coment.

Comment: My internal spell check is going crazy right now!!!

Comment: Ack!!! It hurts my eyes!!!! the grammar geek in me is in overdrive right now…

Comment: Im so gald uoy apprecciate grmatically corict posts too

Sick of people…

Comment: that sucks. because they are everywhere lol

It must be loser night, it took me forever to get in on a scrabble game. ha ha

I’m thankful for tomorrows; today was a throw-away day. Do over.

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