Top Ten Funny Facebook Quotes…. Technology

It seems that I am spending as much time on Facebook looking for funny status updates as my friends are spending on Facebook adding funny status updates. We sure spend a lot of time on the computer these days. It has become a way of life. With work, social networking and gaming when do we ever have time to do anything else.

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I have decided old movie dancing, specifically tap needs a comeback ala Fred and Ginger.

We are running out of computers around here–too much online school stuff. And now the schools are going green–meaning they email it and you print it. That’s not green that’s an inability to budget.

I decided to see if my daughter would be interested in a Baby Einstein DVD. She could care less. The boys are glued.

Comment: The key is to tell the older kids that something’s for the baby and then they are all over it! I might tell my kids that washing toilets is only for babies….

is really irritated that I am still awake. I am at double the dosage allowed for sleeping pills, and the only thing the XM Relaxing Spa station does is make me have to pee.

Comment: So I guess we won’t see you tonight then…you will either be asleep, or DEAD! lol I’m running on 3 hours…not good! Can I call out? I’m going to Face book out it’s the new “hip” way to call out from work!

Sometimes, when I find out certain things about people, I become embarrassed for them. And THAT my friends, is my contribution to society.

When am I going to be funny again? I swear, I am funny!

Trying to decide if there is a benefit to little league football…besides major bruising and broken bones…!

Probably leaving Utah sooner than I thought. I don’t know whether to be sad or jubilant!?

Did something spontaneous…I am the new owner of side swept bangs! Pictures coming soon to a Facebook feed near you! 😉

How old does a baby have to be to get her ears pierced?

Comment: never! 🙂 LOL at least 15 years old according to my mom.

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