Facebook Status Updates… Embarrassing?

Do you ever think maybe too much information is shared on Facebook? Someone might share a bodily function mishap or an embarrassing situation that happened. Whatever the case, I hope the Facebook friends know that we are laughing at them AND with them. Enjoy some midweek quotes today.

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I either have to get some bigger pants or some smaller me:O

Off to a bunch of meetings. I’m thinking the world wasn’t created after a series of meetings, otherwise, it would have taken more than 6,000 years!

Comment: Ummmm…it did!

This made me smile tonight, “I think Cheerios under the car seat should count as a 72-hour kit.” : )

Comment: For us, it is goldfish!!!

Comment: French fries and old chicken nuggets count too.

Comment: Ha ha… Mine also have fruit snacks, random French fries and animal cookies!

Comment: Found a half eaten corn dog in the little pocket behind the seat. I guess my 3 yr old is working on his 72 hour survival kit! Gotta love kiddos!

Comment: I have enough food crumbs in my van and sofa to count at least for three months

The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas!

The kid finds two empty rolls of wrapping paper and quickly makes an “X” and says “X marks the spot.”

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