More Funny Facebook Quotes… Droid and Kids

The Droid is awesome, so I have heard on Facebook. Kids are just kids. I love reading about the funny things on Facebook that happen with our Facebook friends.

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‎”Be careful who you burden your secrets with. They are a heavy load to carry.” – I am not sure where I heard this recently, but it is wise counsel to follow :o)

Only one more week by myself! I guess I should do the laundry, dishes, vacuuming and feed the dogs…

Comment: yeah the dogs are probably hungry by now

loves speech to text technology! – Someone should definitely buy a cookie for the Guy who came up with that. I honestly wasn’t sure about the Droid at first…but now I can never go back! There’s just so much it can do! Which is why I’m going to go to the store in a while to pick up a car charger. Lol

The kid asked her dad to ask her about school (she was pretending she had gone to school today).

Dad: How was school today?

The kid: It was the worst.


If it were winter, I would have been able to send my kids to bed already, because it would be early, but dark. and we’re all about the dark.

Comment: Two words: Blackout curtains!!

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