A Few Funny Facebook Quotes for Midweek

Just a few quotes to get you through the middle of the week. I know that I always need a little humor to get me through the day. Glad that our Facebook friends are always there to brighten the days!

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Looking for worthy dates, for 7pm tonight.

Comment: Watch out minors. ______ is going to be scoutin’ out the high school parkin lot for a date.

Outta propane, home on a Saturday night. Looks like it is steak on the fryin’ pan. Life is GOOD!

Comment: That suck…Steaks are better on grill

The neighbor girl has been over here for like, 4 hours. She’s a little older than my son. They are playing so good together it makes me want to cry. Although, I am wondering if her parents even know where she is. She said they’re sleeping. Uh…. okay…. ?

‎(Insert mild profanity here)…..Really?! I mean, really?

  • Comment: Bless your heart! Did you find the other pieces of my fork in your tire?

Comment: You got three good ones buddy!!!

was so tired last night, my husband couldn’t even wake me to come sit out on the porch with him to visit with everyone…he had to move me from the computer chair to the bed I woke up with my shoes still on….lol.

Comment: tell him to take your shoes off…

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