Top Funny Facebook Quotes for September

I just live for Friday’s! It means the end of a hectic work week. The weekend is here and new Funny Facebook Quotes are online. The days, weeks and months just keep rolling by. At least we have our Facebook friends to get us through them. A little laughter always helps. Mark your calendars for Funny Facebook Quotes every day. If you don’t want to miss out on the quotes, sign up for our newsletter and we will send you a copy of our Top Quotes.

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Bought a Droid2 on impulse this morning – what was I thinking?

Just watched his two year old nephew slap away the hand of my 80 year old great Aunt and say, “Go Away!” It made the family reunion all worth it.

OK I Have 4 really cute Kittens (at least their mother thinks so LOL) about 2 weeks away from leaving their mommy and their mommy is about 1 week away from a fix job at the vet. I thought this was a better way to get rid of them than sittin in front of Kmart, well at least this is plan A, plan B is Kmart

Why do I always try to eat healthy but then nachos smothered in cheese or popcorn with tons of butter keeps coming to mind? I cannot be held accountable for my wayward brain and the things it comes up with!!!!

As I was barking orders at 4 of my 6 kids at the farmers: “Don’t touch that!” “Stand by mom!” “Don’t hit her!!” “Go sit in the car!!”… A perfect blonde couple with two perfect blonde kids enter and are saying things like: “Do you know why the corn is so shiny?” “Yes, you can pick any tomato you want.” “Would you like to help Mommy make a salad” “I know you love onions”… My poor kids 🙁

Comment: The blonde couple is a Stepford couple….it’s not real!
Comment: Hey, I know your kids wouldn’t pick Mr. and Mrs. Perfect!! Ain’t no fun!! Ya should have thrown those tomatoes at them and messed up their white Bermuda shorts!!

When one critizes an entire group of people for being intolerant, without knowing the majority of them personally, is this too intolerant?

Comment: Depends on who’s being criticized and if I agree.

last night I was sitting around some place in Cedar and saw two drunk cowboys piss on the side of the road! HA HA Don’t they know to go to the bathroom in a restroom and not right in front of people?

If McDonald’s sold hot dogs…. Would you really feel comfortable ordering a Mcweenie and have it supersized? Just saying!

how do I feel about the situation in Iraq? I want to dress up like a nurse and kiss a sailor in the streets!

Comment: Finally! A use for this sailor suit.

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  1. Makarska says:

    This is the 2nd occasion I have come across your blog post in the last couple weeks. Seems like I ought to take note of it.

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