Back To School Funny Facebook Quotes

The kids are all back in school. Yes, the streets are quiet again. No skateboards, bikes and kids screaming around the neighborhood. Now they are stuck in their classrooms and when they get home at the kitchen table doing homework. Kids everywhere are crying. At least we can commiserate with them through Facebook.

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WHY 5th Grade, Why the recorder?? Couldn’t you just arrange to have a cow give birth in my living room instead?!?! >.<

177 more days….got the first week done and over with!!!

The kid told me today, “I am the smartest kid ever. You can call me smarty pants, if you want. I wouldn’t mind if you called me smarty pants.” That’s what I call good self-esteem.

Did anyone know it was Monday? I knew something was up when I woke up this morning…

Comment: I heard something about it…….. (checks his memos) I have a memo that states… * Monday has been canceled due to L O I (Lack of interest)

well I guess I’m back to doing the same routine….waking up early….. falling asleep in school…. getting homework…. going home…. stressing (or crying) over homework….. then going to bed around one in the morning…… then before I know it I’m waking up again.

is back into the old habits of procrastinating homework until Sunday nights….at least with tests so far 🙂

Sunday homework 🙁

Comment: Ew. That’s the worst :/

And so it begins. Three whole days of school and the puking begins!EV.ER.Y STINK.ING YEAR! >.<

Comment: Maybe the kids are sick of school…

Comment: I had one puking on the third day of school this year too. It’s a yearly tradition at our house. That and the Christmas Eve puking. That’s another fun one.

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  1. Yajna_switpie says:

    It all starts once again!
    Strewing up mind!

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