This Week’s Top Facebook Quotes

  • ‎29 weeks pregnant and my husband’s foot is broken. We’re quite the pair! Thank heavens for workman’s comp!
    • Comment: It could be worse like if you had to stay home with him all day! As cute as your husband is, he is still a guy and I would rather have 6 sick kids than one sick husband!!!
    • Comment: I clicked “like” just so I could click “unlike.”

  • I’m sort of like Dorothy. I always end up with men who are cowards, have no heart, or are in need of a brain.
    • Comment: Keep looking —Some day you may find THE WIZARD!!! The MAGIC MAN!!! The GATEKEEPER!!! We all have that Dog in a basket we have to lug around sometimes….

  • Wow!!!! A normal day today!!!
    • Comment: Wow! What is a normal day? I hope it goes as planned! Haha
    • Comment: I didn’t know there was such a thing as a normal day!! What is that?

  • Ugh I hate bein sick! Moms are not supposed to get sick! I don’t suppose everyone will reschedule life today so I can stay in bed?

  • Yo I’m so gangsta I eat cereal with a fork… yeah you wish you were as hardcore as me now don’t you!! LOL

  • Is surprised that things just keep getting worse. My life is more of an embarrassment than the 9th season of Scrubs!
    • Comment: You’re breaking my heart!!! I think a Vegas trip would make you feel better!
    • Response: I completely agreed and went to Wendover last night only to have the power be out throughout the entire town. It was a grand old time.
    • Comment: What luck!

  • My phone went swimmin in the toilet 🙁

  • I’d like to commend my son on sacrificing three of his Nemo fruit snacks to pull off the perfect prank. I’m still washing them outta my hair from sleeping on them with wet hair last night. Congratulations. You got me.
    • Comment: Maybe he mistook the idea of a MINT on the pillow.

  • Puppy + Two Pound Puppy Bone + Violent Whipping Head Motions = A brisk smack to my face and an end to a really peaceful nap!
    • Comment: Poor baby just wanted you to join in on the fun.
    • Comment: Oh what are you taking naps for any way…? You’re such an OLD PERSON!!! Taking Naps…
    • Comment: I second that comment. Old Fart

  • Headed off to work….I love that I can say that today!
    • Comment: How’s that going for you btw?
    • Response: It could be better but ahah… at least I have a job right now.
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